How do we compete with free?

We recently attended the Thinking Digital conference in Newcastle, where Gerd Leonard , CEO of The Futures Agency, discussed this very topic. His answer was "you make it better" and that's what we do. 

It’s not about just “having” a website; it’s about having an online presence which allows you to connect to as many potential customers as you can, in the most effective way possible.

Your website is arguably the most important marketing tool at your disposal and, sadly, many businesses take the wrong attitude to their online message. They see their website as a digital flyer, however, they pay relatively no attention to design and content.

If you were, for example, having a promotional flyer printed, would you opt for the cheapest paper from the lowest quality home printer, using a templated "your logo here" design and let an amateur, who knows little about your business, write the copy? We'd hope not. Yet so many businesses take this approach to their online marketing materials. 

This visual sums it up nicely:

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Your website can often be a potential customer's first impression of your business and if you don't get it right; you may have lost them forever. “Big ideas” don’t sell products or services any more. Websites do. Clearly, not every product is bought and sold online; but the vast majority of company’s reputations are influenced, if not outright determined, by what they do online.

Recent research indicates that the average length of time a user will spend on a typical website visit is just 56 seconds. That’s not a lot of time to introduce people to your brand and engage an audience. You need to figure out what resonates with your audience and stir it up. Being able to write and being able to think conceptually is important. But if you don’t understand the bigger picture of how your words fit into a web design, or understand how your users browse the web, your words are useless.

The secret to writing a good proposition is to show people exactly how you can help them. Don’t just tell them, in general terms, what you do. A website is no different. Your website needs to convey what your customers can gain from working with you – and it needs to do that pretty quickly.  

When we design websites, we use tried and tested strategies to ensure that your website does its job - turns browsers into buyers. We don’t give our clients "big ideas", we give them fast, effective, proven ways to reduce their costs and make more money.

If you want to find out how your website can work for you get in touch.

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